Saturday, 28 January 2017

January has almost gone

and it has been mixed weather.
Some snow

just a little sprinkle but enough to cause the birds problems.

And a beautiful sunset to prove the sun is still around.

At the Knitting and stitching show back in November  I bought a kit for a dog's coat.  I didn't have time to knit it up before Christmas so Jaco got the kit for Christmas and then I brought it back home to knit. I am really pleased with the result.

It is a ladybird outfit. There a photo posted on face book with Jaco modelling it so hopefully I will be able to post a copy on here too at some point.

The crocheting is coming along very nicely. I completed both of my on line courses and then made this pair of gloves. The pattern instructions and little video were a reward for completing the beginners course.

I have since treated my self to a tea cosy kit and course and this is almost complete. I am beginning to understand following a crochet pattern. But there are time when I need to refer back to the videos.

Next on the list is a blanket. I have bought some  cheery yarn!


Julie said...

The ladybird outfit is so cute.
Love the crochet gloves, well done on mastering a new craft.

Sally said...

Love the ladybird outfit. It is so cute.

You're getting good at crocheting. Those gloves are really pretty.