Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ducks ducks ducks

On Tuesday John had the day off as he has to work today. We took some stuff to the charity shop ( mainly my school work clothes) had some lunch and then went to Lister Park and Cartwright Hall.

We went mainly to see the sculpture by Anish Kapoor which has returned for a short visit. We walked through the park and were excited to see a Great Spotted Woodpecker up in the trees. Its the first time we had ever seen one. We walked through the park to the lakeI had brought some bird food so we were very popular.
 Three little ducks all in a row.
 looking for food

part of the lake was frozen but the gulls didn't seem to mind.

Along the path we saw a little mouse. he scampered into the shrubbery.
Although it was cold the sun was shining just right for a winter stroll.

When we arrived home it was time to open my swap ornament package. This is the lovely snowman I received. Thank you Terri

and this is my contribution.  I love ornament swaps

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