Saturday, 8 December 2012

it's beginning to look even more like Christmas

The snowmen and santas are out to play
 Eddie the elephant ( a pressie last year)  is enjoying himself.
 There is a new robin in a woolly hat

 The x stitch pieces go up in the same places every year.
 The tree is not quite complete
And winter Mother Nature is in her corner.
Last Saturday we went to Texere it doesn't open very often on  a Saturday. It is a glorious place. The braid society were doing demonstrations

I had a go at this. it took me  a little while to get going but once you get into a rhythm it grows quite quickly.

I do have a little cardboard version that I had for Christmas one year. I pick it up every now and again and it's almost finished.
A couple of weeks ago I bought the latest copy of Popular Patchwork and just had to make this
I had all the fabric in my stash. I am hoping it will be finished to hang this Christmas.


Sally said...

Lovely Christmas displays Wendy.

Angela said...

Really lovely, you're so clever xx

Shashi Nayagam said...

Beautiful displays and the braid looks lovely. Patchwork is lovely too.

Angela said...

Your home looks so lovely and festive. Especially lovin Eddie and Mother Nature

Anonymous said...

I thought I had a lot of decorations until I saw yours!!