Friday, 13 July 2012


Well we have had a couple of rain free days and even some sun. However it was back to rain today. It is getting somewhat boring now.

We have flowers on the  runner beans though and on the sweet peas
 We were not expecting the new raspberry plants to fruit this year. So this was a surprise.
Creating has been slow this summer for some reason but I have finished the back of a sleeveless pullover

and the parts of A Magic Threads lady Sophie the Stitcher. She needs sewing up and assembling


angela said...

It seems ironic that we need rain up here. Nothing is growing(except the weeds and grass). My raspberry fruit is not swelling and redcurrnts were ripped off by gales earlier in the year. Did you hear that birds that come in autumn are already here . I have heard the Curlew already

mumzy said...

Sorry you are having so much rain. It is so dry here that this morning, the radio announced that campfires are forbidden because of the danger of forest fires.

Sophie is on her way to becoming all whole. She should be lovely. It is too hot here to do any swedish weaving which is the only thing I have with me in Nova Scotia.

Mary Ann said...

I think raspberry plants do well when it rains...mine always liked it damp and dull. However, we never got to taste any as our dog used to eat them when they were ripe. She was very naughty sometimes:)

Sally said...

Raining again here today :( Looks like you've been very busy.

Shashi Nayagam said...

At least you are able to enjoy your garden produce inspite of the rain.