Friday, 20 July 2012

WIll it ever end?

Another couple of rain free days and it now it is back again! However the forecast for the weekend and the beginning of next week shows promise.  This rain has a mixed effect on the garden
The hosta is the best it has ever been.

The buddleia has grown taller and taller but the flowers are still in bud.
The sweet peas are most disappointing
although the ones from the allotment have done well.

These are just beginning to show the purple in their heads

The only flowers doing really well are these. I don't know what they are but they are everywhere (probably weeds). They form seed pods starting at the bottom of the stalk filled with the tiniest seeds.
However Tia is happy sitting on the kitchen window sill watching everything grow.

Meanwhile Biddle is wondering how two of these

fitted in one of those.


Mary Ann said...

It's cool here today and I think it might actually have rained last night. Our area has been officially declared a drought zone. Isn't that have tons of rain and we have none.

Wendy what are you going to do with all that stuffing?:)

Soggibottom said...

Two into one ?
Trouble is with that stuff, once it's open it has a life of it's own and expands beyond belief especially if it's warm :-) Ah, it's not warm is it :-) Lovely sweet peas Wendy, I never planted any this year and now wish I had :-)
Biddle get off that box you'll fall in.
:-) X X X

mumzy said...

Tia has to be the most relaxed cat ever.

Sorry about all the rain you are getting. Here the Department of Natural Resources have declared a ban on any outside fires for fear of forest fires. We do get an occasional drop or two but then it gets right back to hot dry weather.

Take care.