Thursday, 5 July 2012


It has warmed up a bit but the days are still rainy. I forgot to mention in the last post just how much rain we had in June. At least 168mm and that isn't counting what ended up in our cellar a fortnight ago. We were bailing out with buckets at 10 o'clock at night for two hours. However having seen the problems in Hebden Bridge and the Caulder Valley we are not complaining too much. It has all dried out quite quickly and I hope that the bad weather expected tomorrow does not cause us more problems.
We have had some lovely produce again

Two types of radish
Peas and mange tout
Several varieties of lettuce.
Today John brought home this bounty
 The potatoes are disappointing. I don't think it has been warm enough

On the Wednesday it was our 19th wedding anniversary. We went to Manchester for the day.
 We  saw the exciting display in the window of a clothes shop
 I do not know how many there were but 100s is no exaggeration.

John found  a link for the London shop
Most of the sewing machines were Singer but I did spot the odd Frister/Rossman.

We then visited the People's  History Museum  as it was a while since we have been.
Our next port of call was the Art gallery
John bought a t shirt with this flag on it. And I bought some fabric inspired by West African Art.

Later we had lunch at our favourite Chinese restaurant and then I paid a visit to Abakhans


mumzy said...

Those veggies look good to me. Also Happy Belated Anniversary. Sounds like you were able to enjoy your day.

mumzy said...
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Mary Ann said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

I'm so jealous of all your garden bounty. So far I have some green tomatoes and a few green peppers growing but is so darn scorching hot here nothing can grow. My lettuce bolted and went to seed. I hate to say it but a bit of rain would be nice.

Soggibottom said...

AH, and I never knew about your anniversary.. HAPPY BELATED CONGRATULATIONS.
Lots and lots of love :-) X X X
and all those good things to eat :-) X X X