Friday, 8 June 2012


Towards the end of the spell of warm weather I went to put some paper in the recycling bin and found this little chap
He was pecking at the pieces of seed that had fallen from the upstairs fat-ball feeder. He made no attempt to fly off so I went and found him some bird food of his own. He stayed for quite a while and there was a bit of a scare when Magic walked past the house. he let me get quite near to him and made a warning sound when I got too close. He did flutter inside the front door but I managed to shoo him back out and down the steps. He was a very fine bird with feathery legs so I could not see if he was ringed. I left him to his own devices and when I checked sometime later he had gone. I worried later that I should have provided him with some water as well as the food.

The weather has changed for the worst and we have had over 50mm of rain in the first seven days of June. However there is more colour in the garden now.

Nine out of ten of the irises have come up.

And the plants in the tiered planter have grown a lot since I put them in.

The hosta is the best it has ever been I think.

Although most of the tomato plants are growing at the allotment we have two here.


ang said...

Wendy the bird whisperer xx

love the colours in your garden

Mary Ann said...

What a lovely little bird. I wonder if it was someone's pet that escaped. We found a gorgeous white cockatoo on our back porch one morning. We took it to the animal shelter as it isn't something you see flying around in Canada too often specially in the winter:)