Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Butterflies and bounty

Today is my sister's birthday -Happy Birthday Angela- so at last I am able to post photographs of my most recent project. Angela had mentioned that she needed something for the wall of her newly decorated bedroom. Among my many magazines I found a copy of Popular Patchwork June 2009 which feature a butterfly wall hanging. I reduced the size of one butterfly by half and created something of my own.
 Each butterfly has different colour spots on the wings
 Most of the fabric I found in my stash
 I sewed small butterflies on both the front and back of the hanging.
The flowers and butterflies were blanket stitched by hand. I find this quite  soothing once I have established a rhythm.

Earlier this week I went to the allotment with John and took some photographs. Everything is really growing due to the wet weather we have had.

The potatoes with be ready soon

 These cabbages have grown quite a bit since I last saw them
 There are teeny raspberries on the new plants
 Plenty of tomato plants in pots
More lettuce than we know what to do with.

And our first peas which were put in a stir fry.


Soggibottom said...

I know :-)
I have missed days and days of being out and about on here. But as always, when I haven't been around for a while, there before me is a wealth of talent... Just love the wall hanging.
Looks like all the rain we have had is good for something after all :-)
x x x

Mary Ann said...

The wall hanging is lovely. Such a thoughtful gift. Your allotment garden looks great too...I wouldn't mind some of that lettuce....and those peas...yummy:)

Baby Gifts said...

Our allotment is coming along nicely too. When we have too much of something we exchange it with the other people on the allotment.

Shashi Nayagam said...

What a beautiful wall hanging