Wednesday, 30 May 2012

birthday (again)... seems to come around quicker each year.  This year it was a Sunday although not over the bank holiday as this has been delayed until next weekend due to the Jubilee celebrations. Biddle and I had a lovely day and some very nice presents.
Some fabric from Skye Batiks from my sister Angela
Chocolates, a notebook and a new bunny from daughter Elizabeth,
and some very nice flowers.

John bought me a book about The Tour de France, some football dvds to occupy me while I use the exercise bike, a cat ornament, a badge making kit,a jangle for my workroom and a bracelet made from part of a tape measure.

Biddle had some very yummy cookies that he is going to share We wouldn't want him to get too fat! Although he has had a bit of exercise showing Moriarty around the allotment

 They checked the potatoes
 Had a good look at the pond
 Made sure there were no caterpillars on the cabbage
 Had a look in the fruit cage
 And are looking forward to raspberries later. (Maybe not this year).
 Gardener Bunny insisted on sitting in the garlic plants


Jennyta said...

Many Happy returns, WendyCarole. Make the most of the long weekend to celebrate. :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

A very Happy Birthday Wendy. Have a lovely weekend. Love your beautiful gifts.

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Wendy and Biddle :)

Angie in TO said...

Belated Birthday wishes! :)