Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer has arrived

at least for now. I have spent a little time in the garden each day. Most of the pots are ready for planting. It will be nice to have a bit more colour around it has been mainly green since the daffodils finished.

Have finished the toddler jumper  and I am very pleased with it. I found perfect buttons in my stash.

Biddle received a parcel yesterday I think it is something to do with Sunday
He is very excited but that is because he is not as old as me.

Tia had a little investigate by the front door

She was fascinated by the mat and lifted the corner right up with her claws


Ange said...

Love the jumper. Is it for someone in particular.

I bought some plants and compost to do my pots but thought grass cutting was a bit more important xx

Angie in TO said...

Summer arrived here early, as did Spring, we've already had to turn on the Air Conditioner and we've had twoo hatches of birds in the backyard, when they should still be building nests. I wonder if Fall will arrive early too?

Mary Ann said...

That jumper is wonderful. I really like it. I hope you have a lovely Sunday:)