Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's a bit warmer...

... a whole ten degrees today and some sunshine which is lovely. Last Firday we had a little snow

However it was the ice that caused most problems last week.
Yesterday was Valentine's day. I made made this for John

I found the pattern in a 2008 copy of Popular Patchwork. I had been sorting through magazines for the recycling bin. All the fabric was from my stash and I was pleased with the result.

At the moment I am making a cross stitch piece into a wall hanging. It has been in the to do pile long enough.

I need to find along term project. I have some work next half term only a couple of hours a day but if I am not strict it will take over. Not paid enough for that!

The days are getting longer and hopefully some warmer weather is on the way. I think I have had enough of the cold now.

Thanks for reading and special thanks for the comments


Angela said...

I love the Owls, hope John did,where has he put them? If you fancy doing another wall hanging for your little sister!!something in purple would be nice for my bedroom xx

Off to colder weather tonight it seems.

Ang xx

Mary Ann said...

That hanging is lovely...I love owls:)

Angie in TO said...

Love the Owl craft, adorable! Hope this winter has been kind to you. :)

Angela said...

I made the same little hanging for my Aunt a couple of years ago, she loves owls :)

Pumpkin said...

Awwwww! That is so sweet :o) Great job Wendy!