Thursday, 23 February 2012

several signs of spring

The weather is warming up although the wind still has a bit of a nip to it. We have one teeny little snowdrop ( I planted loads).

The crocuses that began to flower really early are now fully out

The ones that kept getting trampled by heavy footed pigeons have done better than I thought they would.

The garlic is sprouting

And there is one anenome

The potatoes have began to chit

I have had ye olde chocolate shoppe waiting to be finished for ages. So I decided it was time to choose the fabric and get on with it.

Tia has been investigating

and sitting

Thank you for the comments didn't realise I knew so many Angelas!


Mary Ann said...

Love seeing the flowers starting. It rained this week so most of our snow is gone but our poor garden looks sad. The ground is too mushy to walk on yet so I can't get out there and potter about yet. I'm determined this year to get an early start...ha ha:)

No.1 Angela said...

Lovely pics. I too have a few crocus and early daffs. and leaves are bursting out on other shrubs. Not sure about veggi garden this year, don't think I will be able to to dig it over. Can I hire John for a couple of weeks?
Weather is mild but so windy its "lost in translation"
From No.1 Angela xxxx

Lisa Golden said...

And doesn't it feel good? have you had unusually warm weather this winter?

And there's that naughty kitty. Such a beauty.

Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! I think spring is right around the corner for us but I haven't seen any flowers just yet.

Great job on your banner!

Lyn said...

oh you have just reminded me my seed potatoes are under the stairs!

Angela said...

love how you finished the chocolate shop :) How odd that you know so many, i don't think I know any other Angela's :)

Soggibottom said...

I know where those heavy footed birds have come from. I promise not to feed the little devils so much !

:-) X X X
Lovs TIA....
lovs Freya Rose Blossom too X

Sally said...

Lovely photos Wendy. I've got quite a few snowdrops this year so I'm happy.

Chocolate Shoppe is gorgeous.