Thursday, 5 January 2012

What weather...

... we are having. It has done nothing but rain this year. What with that and the wind blowing a gale. it was so bad that we had water in the cellar. Luckily nothing too bad and the floor is now covered with newspaper to soak up the rest.
I have finally finished the commissioned doll I was asked to make. It has been posted off and as soon as she is safely there I can post a photo. She is the first one I have made with just a description of what was wanted. So I had to design the clothes my self. In the great scheme of doll making she isn't that brilliant but I feel as though I have achieved something.

Tia is in big trouble! For Christmas 2010 she received a plastic ball which you fill with treats. The object being that as she rolled the ball one would fall out and she could eat it. So this Christmas she received a box of the treats. Last night or early this morning she decided that was all too much hassle and when I came down the almost empty container was lying on the floor. She then had the audacity to miaow loudly because I was late up and she wanted breakfast. She is already a bit over weight and needs to cut down.She spends far too much time like

this! She has always been an indoor cat and does not like other cats. So I am reluctant to let her out and about. This year she reached the grand age of 8 and became a senior cat. The upshot of this being that the insurance premium went up half as much again!

I am still thinking about what I shall make this year but it is bound to include some of these somewhere

I love buttons. I tipped them on my tray to see what I had but they are now safely back in their cone.

Thanks for coming.


Pumpkin said...

I know how talented you are Wendy so I can't wait to see a picture of this doll :o)

LOL! Poor Tia! Well more like, smart Tia ;o)

Look at all the pretty buttons!

Caroline B said...

It's been ages since I visited - you have been busy! Well done on all your Christmas crafting, wish I'd been as productive!
Naughty Tia - we had a dog version of that ball, an absolute failure as he worked out how to get everything out in five minutes flat, so it didn't keep him occupied at all.

Sally said...

Tia is a very naughty kitty!! lol!

The winds were awful weren't they? I do hope we've seen the last of them. I long for some nice, frosty weather and a little snow. I've hated winter so far with the mild-ish temps and winds.