Thursday, 12 January 2012

Allotment update and other bits

John was off on Tuesday as he has to work on Saturday. So I popped down to see him at the allotment and what has been happening since my last autumn visit. This time last year the ground was frozen solid and covered with snow. Not so this January John has been digging a large hole which now contains this

He does not intend to bury it though it will form the base of our wildlife pond. It will be covered with a pond liner and hopefully will attract the dragon flies that fly over in the summer. I shall be able to sit beside it in the summer read my book and watch the worker work.

These two wooden "h"s are the frame for the raspberries'netting. Most will not fruit until next year but we do have an Autumn and a Summer variety. Gardiner Bunny blew off the wall in a gust of wind and decided the safest place was in the bag with the radio although she found the music rather loud being so near. Biddle kept watch on things from the wall.

We have grown leeks although they have been rather small so let's hope these will be better

A little robin came to visit

and there was some blue sky

Back in December I bought some very yummy hand dyed yarn at the Saltaire craft fair. It came as a kit with a pattern for fingerless mitts and bamboo needles. The needles were wonderful to use and the random dyeing was interesting to watch as it knitted up. I made them over the holiday and finally stitched them up last week.

They are incredibly warm and I am so pleased with them. Unfortunately as yet Ratzhatz does not have a website and just sells through fairs but Rachel told me that she is in the process of setting up a website.

My niece received her parcel last week. So I am able to show the pirate girl. My brief was a pirate girl with blond hair, green eyes, wearing a white shirt, black trousers and a red corset. My immediate thought was that the corset would cause me the problems but it was actually the green eyes because I could not find any very small eyes that colour so I ended up using some embellishments from my stash. For the body I used the basic pattern from a doll group challenge I did several years ago. Apart from that all the work in my own design.

I made a mock up of the trousers and blouse in cheap fabric first which was worth the effort as they needed to be larger than I had made them. It is surprising how large clothes have to be to fit quite a small figure. The corset is a rectangle but has a pleat at the back to that it fits nice and snug in the right places. I was going to fasten it with hooks and eyes but then decided just the eyes and a lace were more effective. Heather was pleased with her and I feel that I have moved on a bit in my sewing journey.

Thanks for visiting and for the comments left last time.


Shari said...

you have great plans for the allotment, don't you? A wildlife pond sounds heavenly to me.....
your fingerless mitts sure look warm & cozy!!! Enjoy!

Mary Ann said...

I would love a little pond in the garden but with a little fountain to keep the water moving. We get mosquitoes so that would be a necessity to stop them from using the water to breed.

Pumpkin said...

Looks like you're having a mild winter too! I bet your allotment will take on quite a transformation this coming spring/summer.

Love the fingerless mitts! That is a nice color of yarn :o)

I'm so glad that she liked her doll. She is adorable for sure!

Sally said...

Looks like you've both been very busy:) I'm hoping now that we have some cold weather it's here to stay for a bit. Winter has been horrible so far!

The doll is lovely.

Soggibottom said...

As always I am late to comment, but better late than never as they say :-)
I love the idea of a wildlife pond.
We have such a small back garden, but still manage to have two ponds. One is a small proper one, home to newts and frogs, one is a bucket :-) in the ground, but it works, the frogs love it.........
Want me to send up some NEWTS ?
lots of love :-) x x x x

Shashi Nayagam said...

How nice that you are going to have a pond to sit near by and spend some lazy summer days reading and watching wild life. The mittens look very warm and comfy.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your dolly is sweet and I am sure your recipient loves her