Friday, 25 March 2011

springing into ...

.... Summer unless of course the last few days were summer, it reached 18 C yesterday. I shall remember it fondly when it rains in August.
On Wednesday Biddle and I had coffee sitting on the bench

There are various kinds of plants flowering
I can't remember the name of this one
But a huge bumble bee liked it

The daffodils and narcissus are finally out

The hyacinth are in bud. But you will not see any tulips as I am not a fan.
I was very pleased to see this

pussy willow

I have not seen any for years. It immediately took me back to the school nature table in junior school.
Of course the sun and pollen have brought on the sneezing and the sinus headaches but I'll suffer gladly (for the moment).

Tomorrow John is off to the great metropolis and the march. We have not marched against any thing since the coal not dole march in the 90s. I hope the weather is better than it was then. I am not going because of the foot. I shall be there in spirit. Talking of the foot because I have been walking strangely it has put the back out of alignment and the other night turning over in bed went ping. Nothing too bad however putting my socks on this morning it hit me with a greater ping and now the sciatic nerve is protesting. Oh well just another of life's little trials.

Tia has been playing put the mouse in the dish

No sign of purple mousie. I think she has run away!

This week end we alter the clocks it will be lighter in the evenings which mean visits to the allotment.

Thanks for coming


Shari said...

oh, the spring pictures are wonderful!!!!! I am so ready for it too!!! I HOPE to have a new flower picture today.....I have ONE crocus bulb & I saw they were ready to POP yesterday!!!
Take care of that foot..oh my..does that ever sound painful....
Oh, I so remember pussy willows too....I miss them...

Lisa said...

Oh! Spring has indeed sprung! I hope all goes well for John at the march. I know you'd like to be there if you could.

Sally said...

Lovely Spring photos Wendy. It feels a little cooler today.

mumzy said...

All those beautiful Spring pictures makes me feel much better. We still have snow with no signs of Spring yet. Our clocks were turned forward a couple of weeks ago. It is much nicer having daylight later in the evening.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Yes I too have been enjoying the beautiful couple of days of Spring.
Hope you take care of that back. My back went when my foot gave me problems. It took me years to get it back to the state it is now. After a lot of excersises I can at least walk without much pain. So do take care of that back.

Pumpkin said...

I love seeing all your signs of spring. Now if you could just send some of that warmer weather our way ;o)