Thursday, 31 March 2011

Allotment news

On Monday I paid my my first visit of the year to the allotment. Various things have prevented me from going until now. Weather, foot, foot weather. There has been an awful lot of work done since I was last there back in the late autumn.

newly marked out beds

planted seeds

sprouting in the green house

a new thermometer to check inside and out

Biddle and Gardiner Bunny came too

we had lunch using our "slate topped table"

and we kept an eye on the bird feeders

Before we left we picked the first crop of rhubarb which yesterday I made into a crumble for tea.

It is all very exciting and hopefully there will be more produce over the coming months.


Sally said...

Ooooh lovely fresh rhubarb. So much nicer straight off the allotment.

Here's hoping for some good crops this year.

Jennyta said...

It's so satisfying using food you have grown yourself to cook your meals.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! There's something special about this damp, cool, but promising time of year.

mumzy said...

That rhubarb makes me wish I had some here but it will be quite a while before we can get some here. Love rhubarb crisp.

Dana said...

Yum! And now I'm thinking where I could squeeze in a bit of rhubarb...

soggibottom said...

Always so good to get out in the fresh air. Especially when things are growing and eatable.
Hope biddle didn't get his paws too dirty and took his sandwhiches :-)xxx

Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! It's so nice to see pictures of little plants starting to grow :o) And rhubard! I can't believe you've had some already!