Friday, 18 March 2011

Good news...

...on the test result. It came back as normal so I am pleased about that.

Here is a little hint of spring. But the weather has been horrible with fog and a visibility of less than 100m at times. However the sun came out yesterday and today looks much better although we had a sharp frost over night.
The creativity is going well

She has a head although it is not yet attached permanently to her body.

There are more and more flowers

to add and I think I shall need more leaves too.

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day a sadder date in our calendar these past years. I cannot believe it is seven years since Haydn crossed the rainbow bridge

He was a wonderful puss.

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Jennyta said...

Glad you had good news re the test results, WendyCarole.

mumzy said...

So happy to hear the test results were good. I'm sure you must be relieved.

Sally said...

Glad to hear your results were OK

Pumpkin said...

That IS great news Wendy :o)

Your doll is just gorgeous!