Friday, 11 March 2011

health stuff and sewing

Well I went for my results last Friday cholesterol was OK but query blood sugar. My practice err on the side of caution so Wednesday morning saw me breakfast free taking a trip to the surgery for a 9 30 appointment. I had a blood sample taken and then drank a bottle of lucazade (My mum has had the same test and she had to drink a solution that could only be described as liquid icing sugar she hated it)
and went and sat in the building reception area for two hours. I was armed with book magazines and word puzzle book. The time past quickly and i did not realise what a busy building it is. Then I went back for the second blood sample to be taken. The result will be back later today. I hope it is OK it is more or less viewed as a criminal offence to be diagnosed with diabetes these days. A strain on the NHS and how dare you not have looked after your health and diet. I think I do pretty well really although the exercise has gone to pot because of the foot.

The sewing is coming along nicely there are plenty of these

Arms and hands

One of these

A rather sumptuous body

Now more modestly covered

with leaves and flowers

Her face is now sculpted and she is waiting patiently for eyes and lashes. Nothing is definitely in its final place at the moment. The leaves, flowers and skirt are pinned in place.

Tia has been doing her usual thing

We have had sun rain frost high winds and a bit of sleet over the last week. At the moment it is cold but the sun is shining. I'll settle for that having woken up to the news of earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan.


Shashi Nayagam said...

can't wait to see this doll of yours finished.

I hope your blood results will be ok.
You are right we have nothing to complain about after watching what has happened in Japan

mumzy said...

Tia seems to be quite comfortable.

Hope the results of your blood tests are good. My Mom is a diebetic and so, I try to be reasonably good in my choices of food.

Looking forward to seeing the finished doll.

soggibottom said...

I can't wait to see your doll finished. Ah, look at lovely, lovely Tia. :-)
The Tsunamis and Japan.... I think I am still too taken aback to think of words......

bois-fleurie said...

I can see your doll is going to be wonderful. I love the pink and green together. Look forward to seeing her finished

Sally said...

Hope your results were OK Wendy.

Nice progress on the sewing. She's going to look fantastic when she's done.

I just cannot believe the images we are seeing from Japan. So much destruction, it is heartbreaking.