Friday, 18 February 2011

Much as I love them...

.... the local cat population is beginning to annoy me some what.

My friend's cat now spends most of his day in our yard awaiting the arrival of the birds and it seems the others have decided it is their preferred place to use as a toilet. I have been sprinkling cat repellant but it wears off after a while. Most of these moggies are lovely to look at but I just do not want a disproportionate amount of visits to my yard. I suppose the main problem is that we are the only ones with earth. All the rest are concreted over. Nearly all of them are made to stay outside all of the time unlike a certain other puss

who rarely goes out.
So it seems that I shall be spending time cleaning up before I can plant anything this year.

This is the honeysuckle that grows in a pot by the kitchen door. I live in hope that one year it will flower.

Still no allotment pictures but the seed potatoes arrived yesterday at John will be putting them on top of the fridge this weekend so they can begin to chit.

The knitting is growing

It is half-term so I am hoping to get to grips with the tree over the next week. I have all the leaves and flowers to turn, it is a bit fiddly.

Thanks if you pop along


Jennyta said...

I could lend you Paddy, WendyCarole. He will see them off in a flash! And they won't be back in a hurry. :)

Heather said...

That kitty looks quite cozy in those shrubs Wendy.

The cats round here seem to prefer my garden too.

Shari said...

oh Wendy, that is so frustrating...we live on a country road & are forever finding stray cats & kittens in our yard...people dump them, thinking someone in the country will want them.....
It is too bad you have to clean up after other people's animals...
Your honeysuckle looks great!!! It will bloom sometime!!!!
The knitting is so pretty! Lovely colors!!!
how fun about the seed potatoes! We haven't done those for a few years...maybe we can add them this spring!!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

We have the same problem but fortunately only one moggie comes in the night as far as I know as I have caught him on our CCTV camera.
But in the summer I notice that he does visit us in the day time as well when the birds are around.
Your knitting looks lovely. Love the colours that you are using.

soggibottom said...

Having Tia should mean that your garden is hers. Other cats keep out. Doesn't always work.
You could always get a large dog. Or maybe an extra strong pair of plastic gloves.......................
2nd idea is by far the easier choice.
:-) xxx