Thursday, 24 February 2011

two steps forward and then back

on Saturday morning we woke up to a covering of snow

albeit very wet snow

that left the birds hunting for food

We had about a centimetre and by the next day it had gone.

However the bottles will be nice and warm next time it arrives

Guess which one is mine.

This week is half term and as usual I have not accomplished as much as I hoped. Bright and early Monday morning I went to the surgery have my blood pressure check. It was higher than it should be (whitecoat syndrome) hopefully.
Although healthy eating and exercise has been a bit sparse since Christmas and "the foot". I have got to go back on Monday for blood tests for high cholesterol. Once upon a time mine was OK but they keep lowering the level. Wont it reach a stage where you can't lower it any more? I am gong to see the doctor to about the aforementioned foot. Just in case! The appointments are even more bright and early and I should be back before I am normally up and about. Just as well it is only over the road.

Mother Nature Spring version is coming along nicely. she is in various stages of stitching and stuffing. Some very nice stash fabric arrived yesterday ( I did not have quite the right colour!) I was out when it arrived luckily it went through the letterbox. i treated my self to a new outfit yesterday. Nothing very surprising, a pair of khaki trousers and a stripey top from M&S. I am not very adventurous nowadays.

I think I have seen a glimpse of the sun. It is supposed to be warm today.

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Shari said...

the water bottle covers are gorgeous!!! We still have one of those bottles, from when the kids were little & got ear infections...
Can spring come here?? We are expected to get more snow tonight...have ice this am.

Sally said...

Love those water bottle covers.

Nice to see a bit of snow. Shame we didn't get a bit here lol!

Good luck at the doctors.

mumzy said...

Lovely water bottle covers. We have gone to electric heating pads and electric blankets now, so I guess I don't need to knit one of those covers.

Hope your tests all come back A-OK.