Friday, 4 February 2011


...has began wet and windy. We had 20mm of rain overnight. However I am not grumbling having seen the cyclone in Australia and the amount of snow in North America. The earth is complaining. Although I found one little hint of spring. I only ever seem to have one snowdrop no matter how many I plant

This week has has been interesting and I am watching events unfold in Egypt wondering about the outcome.

Last week I gathered together these

which grew to this

The hot water bottle cover is growing rapidly. I am pleased with how well the colour look together. I have a selection of colours ready for the second one.

I have plenty of machining ready for tomorrow. I have drawn around leaf and flower templates. I will need many more though.

The foot is annoying me that is all I shall say.
Thanks for stopping by sorry I did not reply personally


soggibottom said...

Good to see someone has been busy this week :-) x x x

Sally said...

I noticed yesterday that I have more snowdrops this year than I did last so I am happy. I love to see them.

It was certainly very windy here overnight last night.

Angie in TO said...

Just wanted to check in and say hi! It's been ages. :)

Lisa said...

The knitting is so pretty! What a way to dress up your water bottle.

I hope your foot stops plaguing you soon.

karen said...

Love the hot water bottle cover! I have a furry pink one!!

mumzy said...

Nice water bottle cover. Sorry your foot is still giving you trouble.

Pumpkin said...

Looks like you're keeping busy :o) That darn foot! Is there anything you can do?