Friday, 28 January 2011


The hat is finished although I have not worn it yet

The tree trunk is coming along nicely

and I have started machining it all in place. No I have to think about shades of pink for the flowers and and pale greens for the leaves. A chance to order new fabric I think!

This weekend is The Big Bird Survey

we have taken part for several years and this year John is going to do a separate one at the allotment.
This little chap turned up during the week

which was pleasing because we have had no Blackbirds in our garden since the summer.

I had to visit the district nurse on Wednesday as my foot was not looking to happy. It transpired that a knot from one of the stitches had been left behind. It was extremely painful having it yanked out. Hopefully it will be ok now. I have swapped the adhesive dressing for cotton wool and a bandage because I am allergic to the adhesive.

I think my next knitting projects are going to be stripey hot water bottle covers. The pattern is in this month's Let's Knit

and will be a opportunity to use up some oddments.

It has turned cold once more and during the night there were snow flurries.

Thank you if you left a comment last time


Jennyta said...

We have blackbirds but absolutely no starlings these days. Hope your foot makes a swift recovery now that the rogue stitch is out.

Shashi Nayagam said...

The hat is cool and I am looking forward to seeing the tree trunk take shape.
Hope your foot feels better soon.

Lyn said...

will you be doing the RSPB garden bird count this weekend?
hope your foot is 100% soon.

soggibottom said...

You can borrow one of our blackbirds Wendy. Or is it the same one that I counted this morning. No space for a woodpecker. Bustard, or a grebe though... not sure what on earth the grebe was doing down here. My birds are all known and numbered :-) x x x

mumzy said...

Hope your foot will get better soon now that you have the problem fixed.

Neat hat! We don't have any blackbirds here in the winter. I guess they don't like all the cold and snowy weather we have.

Sally said...

Hope your foot continues to improve.

Lovely hat.

We've had blackbirds in our garden as well as startlings. blue tits, robins, chaffinches and sparrows. Love seeing them.

Pumpkin said...

Great hat!

Sorry to hear that your foot isn't doing well :o( Hopefully it's something that will go away soon.