Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas .... but not quite as expected!

I have had a lovely Christmas but it did not start quite as expected. This time last week (10 am Thursday) I was sitting in the A&E department. Earlier that morning I had been sitting at the computer "chatting" to a friend via facebook. I moved my foot across the carpet and felt a stab. I knew straightway what had happened and looked down t find the offending needle! It was lying on the floor, a number 26 x stitch needle, minus its eye. Tentatively I pulled off my sock noticing the dmc thread clinging to it. My foot sported a spot of blood. I carefully placed it on the ground and walked to the bedroom feeling a stabbing as I went. That explained where the rest of the needle was. So there I was sitting in the A&E. The whole process took several hours but I was seen quite quickly and an x ray revealed the offending object in the ball of my foot. In between seeing doctors and collecting medication took up most of the time. The doctor explained that the trauma unit had no spaces for that day and I would have to come back to have it removed. So Christmas eve saw me waiting for a minor op under general anaesthetic! I was more worried about whether I would be out in time to go to my daughter's for Christmas. At about 2 30 off I went to have the foreign body removed and I awoke later to find my foot swathed in bandages. After a welcome meal more medication and sporting a rather "fine" sandal I was allowed to go.

Steve came to collect us not long after we arrived home and off we went complete with Tia for a few days on Teesside. Waiting to welcome us was Oswin

the elder statescat. he can be somewhat shy but he does seem to remember me whenever I visit.

Then we were introduced to the teeny tiny new kitten Samphire. He decided that he was going to bed down with us during our stay, however like all babies he decided that it was fun to be awake in the middle of the night. Jessica was more elusive and when she had enough of being chased she would retreat to a place tiny kittens could not reach

Tia is not good with other cats so she spent her time in her own room. She totally ignored us when we popped in to visit. Usually we are on holiday when she takes her annual Teesside trip.

During our stay we ate some delicious food cooked by Elizabeth, including Christmas pudding and cake and stilton tartlets. The buns were so nice that kitten just had to try some too
Needless to say Elizabeth does not get her love of baking from me!
I received some wonderful gifts including


the most spectacular patchwork bag. John and I had left our gifts to each other at home and they are not photographed as yet.

Throughout the visit and since we have been home I have not been allowed to do much at all. I have spent nearly a week sitting around in jamas and dressing gown being waited on. It is most strange as I am used to flitting from one thing to another and back again. The foot has not been too painful but unpredictable and the sandal cumbersome. Going up and down stairs has been difficult at times. So I have watched several long films during the day this week including Dr Zhivago and The Lion in Winter a film we recorded back in September.

Seems that the rest of the year will be spent idling about. I am having my stitches out next Wednesday.

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soggibottom said...

Things happen !
Go with the flow :-) make sure that you have extra large cups of tea and lets hope that your foot gets better soon. Can't run around after Tia if it doesn't :-)
A very Happy NEW YEAR TO YOU BOTH...... and Tia :-) x x x

mumzy said...

Sorry to hear of your contact with that horrible needle. However, because of this episode, it sounds like you got some time to relax and enjoy the attention. Good for you. Hope you heal up fast. Take care.

Sally said...

I hope your foot improves quickly Wendy. Glad you got to your daughter's for Christmas and had a good time.

Happy New Year!

Lyn said...

Oh dear Wendy, I have only just read this post, glad it is healing. Happy New Year to you!

Caroline B said...

Argh! This made me feel quite ill - glad it has been sorted. I'm paranoid about dropped needles since having done a similar thing in my youth but without the need for hospital. A belated Happy New Year to you!

Pumpkin said...

As you can see, I'm finally getting caught up with my Blog reading!

Oh my, your foot does look terrible! You didn't tell me the DMC thread was still attached! LOL! Have you had the stitches out yet?

Lovely gifts and glad to hear you had a nice holiday despite the circumstances.