Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New year

it began with New year's Eve being ignored. We watched Die Hard4 instead. I love Die Hard films they are so over the top they make us laugh. New year's morning we attended the Concert from Vienna via radio 3 and then BBC2 Biddle made a contribution to the conducting.

And now week has gone by. I have continued pottering about. I had my stitches out on Wednesday but had to go yesterday because they left a bit behind. It is still tender but looks as if it has healed up.

I have been looking back on what I have made over the last year. Not quite as productive as some years but I am pleased. I have not gathered everything together in one place at the moment.

We had a little snow this morning

It is not expected to come to much but looked out of the window and it is now snowing hard!


Jennyta said...

Snow again here too, WendyCarole. Hope your recovery continues well.

soggibottom said...

Good photo of the bins there Wendy :-)
Better shot of all the snow :-)
Sounds as if you have been as active as we have over Christmas and New Year. Definatly take care of your foot. Better tell Biddle to start to get his seeds ready for planting when the weather warms up :-) x x x

Sally said...

No snow here but the rain has gone now and it's a lovely sunny day. DH and I have been for a walk along the seafront this morning. I was chilly but nice.

Looking forward to seeing what you make this year :)

Hope your foot continues to improve.

Lisa said...

Look at Biddle! I love it!

I hope your healing goes well.

Here we're having snow thundershowers with lightening. Very strange. We've got about 4 inches of snow in an hour. It's very unusual for us and we aren't well equipped to manage the roads, etc. so it will be a day home for everyone.


Pumpkin said...

Glad the stitches are out now and hope your foot is healing.

I went through some snow today but now it's rain...again ;o)