Wednesday, 22 December 2010

still freezing...

... it seems as if it is going to stay cold for a while yet. This was what we woke upto on Saturday morning.

Although suddenly at lunch time today the temperature rose from -5 to -1 quite quickly. It must be that hint of sunshine. While i was out to day it was bitter. I had my trip to have my 3 yearly mammogram. it was in a different place than usual as because the pavements are so slippery it involved two buses. I got there rather early but no one else was waiting to be seen so i was in an out before my allocated appointment time. The young lady was very pleasant and explained everything she was going to do. I forget each time time how hard that metal squeezes! Hopefully that will be it for another three years.

On Saturday we went for a short visit to the craft fair in Saltaire. We had some very scrummy cake made by the marvellous teadance company
and some very cute angels at Wise Young Crone
we saw beautiful wooden bowls by

I did not buy anything there though as money is tight, I tend not to buy from textile stalls and most of the products I would not be able to make were out of my price range. However it was very enjoyable and has spurred me into wanting to make things after Christmas.
When we arrived home on Saturday for a late lunch we were pleased to find a new visitor in the garden

excuse the blur but there were taken from the kitchen window. He has been back most days attacking the fat slab although a starling was having a good hack today. I caught him resting on the bird cage

I am well prepared for winter this year

these are my new wellies very useful for popping out the back to feed the birds and eventually to visit the allotment.
These are my impulse buy from a couple of years ago

Waterproof and warm but not suitable for deep,deep snow.

Tia is none the worse from her slide off the bed last week but has decided this is a much safer place

Most of what I have done this week is secret and involves cards. The sewing room is gradually winding down until after Christmas and has been promised a bit of a tidy! Sewing machine has gone for a little rest until next week. I think she deserves it.

Thank you for popping by and a

Merry Christmas and happy New year


Jennyta said...

I had my mammogram a few weeks ago and I would swear the person doing it had latent sadistic tendencies. What we women have to endure! ;)

Lisa said...

Brrr. Just looking at it makes me feel chilly!

Your boots are so cute! Very stylish and fun. Doesn't everyone look cozy in that photo?

And what is that bird? Very pretty coloring there.

Pumpkin said...

Gee, you've had a LOT more snow than we've had so far and that wouldn't be a hard thing to do ;o)

Love your new wellies!

Can't wait to see any new creations you're going to work on next.

Ah yes, the lovely mammogram. I hear you! At least you're done for another year ;o)

Merry Christmas!

Sally said...

I am hoping we get a white Christmas. A fresh snowfall would be nice but I'll make do with the snow we have staying around!

Love your robin photo!

Happy Christmas xx

Renee said...

We'll be having a white Christmas here in Ohio this year too. You are a bit colder than we are though!! YIKES!! Love your pictures! Have a very Merry Christmas Wendy!!

mumzy said...

That wonderful squeeze test is always such a joy. Tia looks quite comfortable. Love your new wellies. You were lucky to have the bird stay still that long to be able to take his photo.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.