Friday, 15 October 2010


has definitely arrived now. There is a distinct chill to the air and the leaves are turning

These are the trees opposite the allotment plots. Last week there was no hint of orange.
The greenhouse now has a full set of windows in the renovated side

and from a distance looks very smart.

I think we will pick the last of the beans this weekend. All is not lost we have cabbage to look forward too.

I seem to spend more time blogging about the allotment lately than anything creative. true is I do not seem to be able to get my act together. I have almost finished a inter hat. i have all the magazines out to look for a Christmas Ornament pattern however the 2008 and 2009 copies of JCS Christmas ornament magazines seemed to have been filched by the goblins and of course THE pattern is one of them. I have spent so much time looking I could have stitched something else by now!

One more week at school then it is half term it will be great to be home for a longer period of the day although I have to fit in Doctor and hair appointments and a possible walking day with John.

Grace Bear has a birthday on Sunday so I will have to look something out for her. Tia is in my good books she caught a mouse. Hopefully not Mousie from the garden.
Biddle has to find something else to do now the Commonwealth Games is finished.

Blogaversary is in 40 days (less if you are reading later than today)lookout for that there maybe presents involved

thanks for coming


Sally said...

The leaves are certainly turning now and there seems to be an abundance of berries this year so the birds will be happy :)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean allotmenting is creative! John has done an amazing job.
Leaves are turning here too, did you see the plight of the Horse chestnut trees on Autumn watch.
Rumour has it its turning much colder next week.

Ang xx

soggibottom said...

So many think that the Winter means no gardening. Still a hundred and one things to do. :-)xxx
Hey, mouse in the garden..... HOP IT QUICK !

Pumpkin said...

Wow, you've done a lot of work on your greenhouse! It must feel good doing something like that :o)

And your cabbage look really good!

mumzy said...

Great job on the greenhouse. The leaves have pretty well all turned color here and now we are in the process of trying to rake them off the lawn. It is a big job here as we have a lot of leafy trees around us.

Good Tia for catching that mouse.