Friday, 8 October 2010

October has not

started well! This time last week we had 26mm of rain and a total of 57mm in three days. However just as we were about to go out in the evening and about ten minutes before sunset this happened.

It has improved considerable since Sunday and something of an Indian summer has been forecast this weekend. Although today we have fog.
In the garden we have some autumn colour can you see the bench peeping out from the nasturtiums?

there is no sign of last weeks caterpillars!

I have finished my gloves and had a little yarn left at the end.
They feel really soft and I must remember that they should not go in the washing machine.

I bought several balls of yarn last week so have plenty of knitting still to do. I have had no inspiration regarding doll hair so there she sits with a somewhat chilly pate. I am sure something turn up maybe she needs a hat.

I have had no offers for the PIF and appreciate that everyone has other commitments so I will hold fire for a while and ask again at a later date.

I am back on the original blogger to post after the problems last week. I shall practise on the new one when I have a bit of time to spare.

Tia has been in bother this week climbing on the fridge freezer for no apparent reason
she has a facebook page and I think that all this interaction with the outside world is affecting her!

This Sunday is Apple day at the allotments we have been the last two years and it usually involves scrummy food for lunch.

I am looking forward to taking part in a Christmas ornament swap with my cross stitch group so this will be my focus for half term n a couple of weeks time.

thanks for popping by and especially if you leave a comment.


soggibottom said...

Is there an alternative blogger ?
If there is I am always the last to know. :-)
Misty over the coast at 3 p.m...... not cold though.
love the gloves....
PIF........ there are so many beautiful giving people out there.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Lovely photos and I love your gloves. The weather here has turned gorgeous since yesterday and according to the weather forcast it should last for another couple of days.

Sally said...

It's a lovely day here today but not sure how long it will last, although the forecast does say it should last all week but it will be cooler. That I can cope with! Lol!

Aren't the colours of Autumn so pretty.

Pumpkin said...

Your nasturtiums are beautiful! I love those flowers :o)

A job well done on the mitts. I might have to invest in a pair although DH did put the heat on...finally ;o)