Friday, 22 October 2010


it has been cold this week. Icy blasts and frosts with the temperature the other morning down to 0.8 degrees. It ha swarmed up marginally but the wind is still cold and there is more on the way. So it looks like these were our finally portion of beans

We have been so pleased with our first crop. John has been busy digging the second patch

He found plenty of these

As he digs he is entertained by this

the new digital radio. Can you see the little yellow dot? It shows that it is running on solar power.

We have decided to buy a compost bin for our back yard. It is surprising how much waste our pots produce over the year. If we add to that peelings and the outer cabbage leaves then there will be a substantial amount. Anything that cannot go in the wormery in fact. So our household bin will contain even less each week. As he left this morning John had his eye on the leaves gathering by the front gate!

Grace and her friends had a jolly time on Sunday it was her birthday

Next week is half term a whole week at home to get on with things hopefully. I am busy with Christmas and the ornament swap so not much to show. I did finish my hat and very warm and snug it has proved this week.

Thanks for popping by


Shashi Nayagam said...

Love your hat it is looks nice and warm.

soggibottom said...

Happy Birthday to Grace. (my fav name).
Also love the colour of your hat. SNUG OR SNUG :-)xxx

Sally said...

Love your hat Wendy. I think you might just be needing it now!

Pumpkin said...

At least you are still getting some fresh veggies :o)

We have to separate out compost from our regular garbage so we only have one small kitchen bag every two weeks. It's amazing how little garbage we produce...which is good :o)