Friday, 30 July 2010

This week...

I have been looking back over the year so far and realised that I have not made an awful lot. Not one textile figure so far. Part of the problem is that I have been working most days and part is I am running out of space to display them.
I did have an idea that I would supplement my wardrobe with some trousers. But having looked at the fabric stash and the patterns, did not get any farther. The cross stitch hanging is coming along. I decided to put fabric
bands between the rows so it was not too bulky but also because the squares do not marry up quite as well as they should

This my new cross stitch I began this week. It should like this when its finished.

I know I have other stitching but well... it is exciting starting a new piece.

Biddle has been thinking about a mac for his holidays. he settled for a stripey poncho

We have been busy at the allotment and have re done the netting.
Have been digging potatoes from the old plot

and checking the beans

behind the shed we found some rhubarb. I am not know for my love of cooking! However today I have done this

Tonight we will have rhubarb crumble for tea. I do not think I have made one during the 16 years we have lived here.

John has had a couple of days holiday this week so he spent the whole at the allotment on Wednesday. We went down and took some lunch

I trimmed the long side of the hedge (no photo!) Biddle and Gardener Bunny helped plant tomatoes. An allotment owner gave us a tray of very small plants a few weeks ago which we potted up in the green house and this week transferred to the plot.

The weather has not been too bad.Let's hope August is dry!

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Sally said...

Your quilt is coming along beautifully Wendy. I may have to come to you for some tips as I have a piece I'd like to finish ( once it's stitched) into a quilted type finish- if that makes sense!

Nice new start and Biddle's poncho looks very smart.

soggibottom said...

I really like the look of your quilt.
I hate to churn things out, it's quality not quantity.. and your quilt looks like it quality "stuff". Good luck with your allotment. I'm with you .... let's hope August is dry and gives just enough rain to make things grow . x x x

Lisa said...

You are so talented, Wendy! I so enjoy these visits to your allotment and to see what new items you're making. Your plush friends look wonderful among the plants!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your cross stitch hanging is lovely and I do envy Biddle and gardener bunny. Looks like they are having a blissful time in the garden and taking tea with you.

mumzy said...

What a sweet quilt and you did a beautiful job. That rhubarb crumble looks good, makes me want to bake some.

Pumpkin said...

Your quilt is really coming along nicely Wendy! Glad to see you starting something new too :o)

Look at those potatoes! And rhubarb too. I'm very jealous ;o) LOL!