Saturday, 7 August 2010

The proof of the pudding...

... is in the eating. And the crumble was every bit as scrummy as I remember them being

and it must be catching because my daughter has been making them this week too. I am not a lover of baking. It is not that I cannot cook, more that I do not go in for mass cake and pie making. I am more the throw the left overs in a pan and create something delicious type. Nothing has turned out a disaster and I never create exactly the same thing twice. They were known as Mummy's mixtures when the children were small.

I am pleased with the snowman hanging

I now need to look around for some embellishments to finish it. I don't quite know what yet. it is a case of "When I see it I will know".

We finally had a day for drying curtains this week. Well we had two but I missed the first one and got crosser as the day progressed because I did not get my act together. So all the curtains and voiles are done and one chair throw. After I had moved various bears from the chair to get at the a fore mentioned throw I left the chaps on the floor so that I could put it all back later. However a certain puss beat me to it.

The chaps have taken up residence in other parts of the room, Grace is not happy because she was quite at home on the chair. But it does mean I have got my part of the couch back.

Today is my daughter's 33rd birthday I cannot believe she is that old where have the years gone. It seems no time at all since she made her appearance 6 weeks earlier that she should have done.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth-Anne

I must be busy in the coming week. John is on holiday for the following two weeks and we will be out and about.
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Sally said...

Your crumble looks delicious. Now I want to make one especially as it's rainy and yucky here today!

Your snowman hanging looks lovely.

Someone looks very comfy in the chair but I bet the bears weren't too happy!

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Mine is 19 today.

mumzy said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. They do grow up too fast. Mine turned 39 this year.

Grace looks quite comfortable and looks as if she does not want to be disturbed.

Your snowmen hanging looks great. Wonderful job! Sorry I did not get back to you about the sizing, but I do not understand why the squares end up different if you cut them out the same size.

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on finishing your snowman hanging! What about some snowflakes?

Yup, looks like someone decided that chair was too comfortable to give up ;o)

Happy Birthday to your DD!