Saturday, 24 July 2010

Can you see me?

This is Felix who lives with my friend. He spends a great deal of time in our garden hiding from the birds. Luckily so far they have not been any disasters

We have beans on the plants which is very exciting especially as they were moved from the old plot.
And in the garden we have tomatoes

The new allotment is coming along nicely

We ordered cabbage plants and planted some seeds

I have begun to put together my swap wall hanging. No photographs as yet. I had to buy some fabric for it despite having a cupboard full. Of course I ordered more than just the piece I needed!

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Lyn said...

All coming along nicely isn't it.

Lisa said...

The allotment looks great! And Felix is precious. I'm glad he "lets" the birds get away.

Shari said...

good to hear you haven't found kitty disasters. The garden looks great!! Wish mine was weed free!!!!!

mumzy said...

Gorgeous cat! Your garden is really coming along nicely.

soggibottom said...

Felix doesn't stand out much does he ?
Pleased to see your allotment is starting to be productive Well done ..
:-) x x x

Threads of Inspiration said...

Cute little kitty! Glad the birds have not been caught in his clutches though!!! Aren't gardens wonderful?

Sally said...

It's all looking good Wendy. Felix is cute. Glad he hasn't caught any birds.

Pumpkin said...

Felix is very cute :o)

Lucky you! I'd love to have home grown veggies again. There is nothing better!