Friday, 11 June 2010

sport sport sport!

Unlike most women this will not upset me in the slightest. I have always loved watching sport. My dilemma will be which to watch, although I will not be watching cricket because we no longer have Skye sport. Today I shall be switching between tennis and football. One on the radio the other on tv. I think perhaps the sound of the vuvuzela will drive me mad before the final! Biddle has his munchies ready for all events.

I found this growing among some plants have not a clue how it got there

but there are several others dotted about the garden. I think the birds have something to do with it.

The owl is finished and would have been posted today but I did not realised the post office is shut on Friday afternoons. I am pleased with the result. If the chart had not been so difficult to see I would have enjoyed stitching it.

So what am I stitching now? I thought I better look through the things in the stash that have been neglected for longer than I care to think about. Here is a little clue.

If you can guess you will deserve a small prize!

I have almost finished the fish but ran out of cotton for the border. Grace almost has a cardigan more pictures next week.

You ay notice a comment where you comment. I had to delete a comment because someone had used the comments to post a link to their business and nothing else. Cheek!

I have no problem if you link to your blog or site as part of a genuine comment


Lyn said...

Wow fancy finding carrots growing in your garden when you have not planted them!
I like the look of your owl, it looks very detailed.

mumzy said...

I, too, like some sports especially NASCAR.

If you have squirrels in your area, it could be the ones who buried carrot seeds in your garden. I know we sometime find sunflowers growing in places where we did not plant any.

Your owl looks wonderful. Great job!

Sally said...

Love the owl Wendy.

I have to admit that I hate football and am thankful that no one in our house likes it! I do like watching the Moto GP but it's not the same without Valentino.

soggibottom said...

It's one of those warty things that Amie had isn't it....

x x x

soggibottom said...

Hope they ae plain munchies, I only like plain ones.
luv Amie Soto Blossom x x x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations finishing the owl! He's lovely. How lovely that the birds leave you treats. Really makes me smile. I've no idea what your stitching now. Any hints?

Pumpkin said...

DH and I have been watching FIFA! We don't have a favorite team but some of the matches have been SO exciting :o)

HD for your finish. Where is your owl flying off to?