Friday, 18 June 2010

bits and pieces

Another week of mixed weather. On Sunday Biddle and I took a walk to the allotment to see how it was all progressing. You can see the part the council had cleared has all grown up again. The only consolation is that the bees are benefiting.

Biddle still has his eye on rhubarb pie or jelly despite it being the first year. Maybe i could pinch him a tidy bit!

The greedy starlings had been eating most of the fat balls put out for the little birds. They are such messy eaters and drop bits on the ground which means the pigeons are attracted to our front. Tia spends most of the morning peering at them through the window. They have the temerity to sit on the outside sill and peer back. Eventually she tries a token pounce. They ornaments have been replaced with a couple of bears that will not break the window. Could not resist this little fella sitting sunning himself

The fish is finished I think. It is going to hang on the outside of the bathroom door as our bathroom has a sea theme.

I have attempted to add a stitched border. Not the best attempt but I am learning.

The backing is actually inside out which started as a mistake and then I decided I liked the muted shades

My stitching is coming along the second picture may give more of a clue

The most boring knitting has got to be button bands. Seven stitches of k1p1 back and forth. It is not progressing all that fast either. When I started knitting all those years ago the patter gave instructions for the placement of button holes. Now they expect you to do the button band first and work it out. Just a little niggle!

I wonder if you can help I am still using the old blogger when I tried to switch to the new one I found that the tool bar does not have the icons for uploading photographs does anyone know why that should be. Perhaps its another mac thing.

Thanks for popping by and especially if you leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Nervy pigeons teasing Tia!! :o)

Still no clue on the cross-stitch.

I like the "inside-out" backing.

winnibriggs said...

Hi there
Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are a busy person so many projects going on. Love the fish hanging and I too like the subtle colour of the backing.
Not too sure about your blogger query, am using the new designer one myself but will have to go back and check before I can tell you how I deal with photo uploads.

mumzy said...

The starlings can be messy and sometimes drive the smaller birds away, which I am not happy with.

Love your fish project.

Still learning myself on the blogger query so sorry but no help from here.

Pumpkin said...

Your allotment is looking fantastic Wendy! You've done a lot of work.

I love your fish project :o)

Sorry I can't help you with Blogger. I don't have a Mac :o(