Friday, 4 June 2010

in the sunshine

A lovely sunny morning and Biddle and Grace have taken advantage of it and sat on the garden bench. I joined them, coffee and reading and then a bit of knitting before it got too warm

you can just see my bit of shade.

We had an enjoyable weekend. Libby came on Sunday bearing more gifts

there was also a very tasty coffee and walnut cake but somehow it was eaten before I
could photograph it. The little purse with the cord is for my mobile phone. I love note books and can never have too many although I am never sure what to write in them.
On Monday we went to Headingly to the Roses match. Lancashire had a huge score, Yorkshire too many wickets but an altogether enjoyable day. The following day was rained off so the match ended as a draw.

There has been great excitement on the bedroom feeders. A young starling was being fed by a parent bird who then flew off. The baby stayed and I managed to get some photographs

All of my projects are coming along nicely. Grace just needs sleeves for her new cardigan, the fish hanging needs a new reel of cotton, and the owl just needs outlining.

Everything in the garden is growing madly and I planted some bedding plants yesterday. Not sure what is happening at the allotment since the weekend.

but is how it looked on Sunday.

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Shari said...

enjoy your beautiful weather! The garden looks great!!! Ours is all growing well too! We got the last of it put in tonight...little behind the rest, but it will be ok!

Net said...
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soggibottom said...

Very neat allotment.
Do I spy a cricket jumper on someone there ?
x x x

mumzy said...

Your garden is coming along just great. Is it not wonderful to see a mother bird feeding her little one. Amazing pictures.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Glad to know you are having a lovely weekend. We have had a glorious weekend too.

Lisa said...

Everything looks lovely, Wendy. Biddle and Grace look especially happy in the sun.