Friday, 25 June 2010

more fish lady bird

I can now show the most recent piece of work its was made as a birthday gift for my sister. The background is my backing fabric but the right way around

I stitched around the fish on the backing fabric so they show on the front

The backing fabric I spotted by chance in our local Boyes store.
The cross stitch is coming along slowly too many quarter stitches for my liking. I think you can now see what it is now.

Grace almost has her new cardi!
Last year I did not see one lady bird in our garden. yesterday I saw two and they were different types, here is one of them

Not a very good photo as the breeze was blowing and I do not have a very good zoom. The other one had disappeared before I came back with the camera.

That's it I think


Angela said...

And a lovely present it is tooxxxxx

soggibottom said...

Great colours. I haven't seen many ladybugs in our garden this year.

Sally said...

What a beautiful present. Love the colours.

Pumpkin said...

Stunning colors on this piece! Love the fabric.

Okay, now I can see that it's a man, tending a garden maybe?

Renee said...

The present for your sister is beautiful! Nice job! I don't have a guess on the stitching yet but obviously can tell it's a guy doing something! LOL!