Friday, 2 July 2010

we have moved ...

... allotments. The opportunity arose to take over a different allotment. One that has a hedge around and buildings. We had to weigh up maybe losing our first crop of potatoes against the long term benefit of a more secure site.
We have buildings

all be it somewhat ramshackle

a lockable door and hedges. Underneath the plastic is ground that will not need too much doing to it.

We have transferred the beans to the new plot

Later on in the week most of them seemed to be doing well.

We harvested a cabbage which was extremely tasty

Grace is finally wearing her new cardigan.

I could have made the smaller size and the band seems a bit loose at the back of the neck

In our garden we have sweet peas


baby buddleia buds.

I have not really got on with any creativity this week despite having a unexpected day at home. Although this might be Biddle's next jumper

A busy week end ahead

Thanks for stopping by


Anonymous said...

Grace's sweater is adorable. Good luck in your new allotment.

soggibottom said...

You have sweet peas.
More than me this year.
I might have to wander up and smell them. Summer isn't Summer until you smell sweet pea's. x x x

Pumpkin said...

I hope this one will prove to be better for you. Hopefully it will set up faster than the other one.

Nice to have fresh veggies :o)

Shari said...

is an allotment a rental property? I am not sure what it is, but this one looks like it is going to be great for you! Buildings, flowers, plants in growth, perfect!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Sally said...

I love sweet peas. They smell gorgeous.

Good luck with your new allotment.

Grace's new sweater is very pretty.

jackanne said...

Hi, good luck with your new allotment hard work ahead but fun to do,i am also loving the sweater! xx

Shashi Nayagam said...

Had a lovely time catching up with you. Good luck with your new plot.