Thursday, 4 March 2010

jumper, spring?

Thank you for all the comments last time. I agree with those who thought one of the great benefits of blogging is the new friendships that are made.

The jumper is finished. I am pleased with it but the yarn was awful, kept going thin and I had to break off and start again.

I have started the next one in a smaller size and in three colours. Again I am not sure which bear will wear it.

There are hints of spring in the garden I suddenly noticed these little treasure. The look more yellow than the photo shows.

Despite those little hints of spring and a temperature of 8 on Monday overall it is still cold for the time of year and on Tuesday morning we had another dusting of snow. Where the sun had not penetrated it was still there a couple of days later. In February our highest temperature was 5 and the lowest -3 factoring in wind chill meant it felt much colder. So March has come in like a lamb this year will it go out like a lion?

I am plodding on with the owl, I think you can just about see a wing now! Its going very slowly partly because I am working and partly because the chart is difficult to see.

This is my last weekend tutoring. I have enjoyed it but it has dragged out over too many weeks due to holidays and the bad weather. It will great to have my Saturdays back.

Thanks if you dropped by


Sally said...

Love the jumper! Looks warm and cosy.

It's been a lovely week hasn't it? Sunshine every day although it is still rather chilly especially on a night. I've actually got some washing out today.

Pumpkin said...

The sweater is gorgeous Wendy! Do you knit for yourself? I mean, do you knit yourself sweaters like that?

Your owl is coming along nicely :o)

Today I noticed some bulb flowers coming up at our neighbors, even though it's been snowing all day. Sigh!

soggibottom said...

I hate it when wool breaks.
I mumble !
It looks really good though. Really good.

I love to see snowdrops. I never mind where I see them as long as there are lots and lots x x x

Shari said...

the teddy bear in sweater is so adorable!!!!!!! Love the sweater on him!!!
Oh, spring flowers!!!! I am so ready!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Angela said...

Mothering Sunday certainly isn't what it used to be

I have lots of crocus too and have little tomato seedling s coming up

Pussy looks cute xxxx