Thursday, 25 February 2010


Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Its a bit presumptuous to think that others would want to read about my unimportant events. I think I do it to have a record for me of what I have been up to and what I have created. I could write that in a private diary so maybe I am just taking advantage of the modern age and "doing it online". I think its important that events are recorded it allows us a window into the lives of others that went before us, so am I writing historical events for the future? Not intentionally but it would be great to think that some time in the future someone might read what was happening to ordinary people in early 21st century Britain. I read other blogs, my rss feed has been clogged with blogs, mainly creative ones, some political/sociological and others. Some I skim through, others I seek out to see if there is a new post. I find interesting pieces of information, insights into people's lives, progress in their creativity. In some cases I worry about how they are and what they are doing. I worry that blog reading has become a form of entertainment. I probably spend more time on the mac than I do watching television now. I do know that when I should be creating I find I am clicking instead.

So what I have been up too in the past week. Half term was short. The jumper is nearly finished. I have a back,front and one and a half sleeves. Blame Tia that it is not finished. She thinks she should sit on me instead. The cross stitch is looking more like a bird than a group of stitches.
We have yet more snow, woke up to a surprise load on Sunday morning which I did not expect, then some more on Tuesday which was. I will not post a snowy picture, they are similar to those that came before. Instead a snow related one, I received this yesterday

He came all the way from the Netherlands and my owl will fly there when he is finished.

I saw this little chap this morning, he has been around quite a bit recently and sits in the garden for long periods of time. Today however he was munching away on a fat juicy worm.

My Valentine dangly is dangling

I love it.

I think I have had enough snow now and look forward to Spring

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Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Wendy, It is always nice to pop by your blog. I think with blogging in a way we get a tiny window view of what others are doing and friends whom we have never met or will meet but somehow just looking through that small window brings us closer together.Your friend from Netherland has sent you a lovely piece. and I like those dangly things so colourful. We have a couple of pairs of black birds doing the same thing in the garden. The blue tits are investigating each nook and corner of the garden and surprisingly I see that they started to build a nest in one of my so I thought ornamental bird house. I hope they don't build in it because the littleones might fall out sometime. Also it is not high enough. Now I am wondering why did I put it there. Sorry for the long comment.

Shari said...

ahhh,,another one who feels this way!!! I am finding there are so many of us feeling this way about our blogs!!!!
Love the little snowman you received! Too cute.....thou, I am ready to put snowmen away & move onto spring!!!
Your garden picture is so pretty!! I am ready for outdoors & birds & flowers and plants..etc......
Have a super day!!!


Ahhh! Yes! - but isn't it so interesting seeing what everyone else is up too? I think I am so lucky to have 'met' so many nice people.

Vicky x

Pumpkin said...

I wonder how Blogging first started. I enjoy writing but I tend to keep anything too personal out. I love the fact that I can share my love for stitching with others and have met so many wonderful people over the years :o)

I love that little snowman and even have that pattern. I have plans for that guy ;o)

Anonymous said...

I love your Valentine's Day dangly! Cute snowman, good luck finishing your owl soon.

I started blogging for myself, a way to keep track of my creative struggles and joys. I find it much easier to use the computer than it ever was to have a journal. Meeting other people and seeing what other stitchers are up to is a bonus whose worth I can't measure.

soggibottom said...

I just love to visit other places in the world (even if they aren't far away and in the same country) !

Sometimes it's a chance to share something that I love to do. Even if it is only "in the day in the life of". x x x
Take care in the snow

Sally said...

I started blogging just as a way to show my stitching and ended up with lots of online friends to boot. I love reading about and seeing what others are creating and seeing what they up to.

The snowman you received is so cute and I love your Valentine dangly!

Hope you've got some nice weather. Here on the coast we had a frost overnight and it's beautiful today.

Anonymous said...

I think I blog because I have now found a voice. And some people read and that's good.
I think it's about what it does for you; I suspect it's better than TV as entertainment too.
happy spring to you and yours,