Friday, 12 March 2010

Could it be Magic?

Yes it is. This is Magic. He does not belong to us. But over the years he has spent quite a bit of time with us.

Magic is about 12 years old now (with a few grey hairs) and spent the first couple of weeks after leaving his litter family with a neighbour who had toddlers. Life was somewhat traumatic there so another neighbour took him in. Magic has never been a cuddly cat. He lulls you into thinking he is and then all of a sudden will lash out with a clawed paw. We came to know him very well because we would feed him when his new owners were and holiday and they would reciprocate. But Magic is own man. ( Or Tom or neutered Tom you get my drift?) and was never a home cat really. I used to make him stay in at night when we were looking after him but really he preferred to be out. During the day, when we were home, especially when it was raining he would curl up on our settee. Magic however is not particularly loyal, a match for Six Dinner Sid
finding food in different places. Over the years he spent less time in his home and when a new dog arrived he finally decided enough was enough. He now resides with a very nice older couple across the road who spoil him with a diet of chicken pieces. he makes as laugh as he follows his new man around like a puppy. He still comes to see us though and can been seen here sitting in the warming March sun on top of our vacant rabbit hutch. Long may he do so.

The second jumper is finally finished. I say finally because the back went walk-about It was behind the settee.

Excuse the side on picture I rotated it but it does not seem to want to comply. It is being modelled here by Cranberry who lives here upstairs normally but she has now decided to sit downstairs for a while

and of course the sweater is now hers. I am now onto jumper number three which I think is the size that will fit a bigger selection of bears. I still need to find a pattern for my very small under ten inch bears.

There has been activity in the garden. A male blackbird has been feasting on dried meal worms and live things he has found rummaging about. He is not our regular one with the damaged foot though. I have not seen him since the end of the snowy weather so I am a bit concerned. The blue tits are back and mainly use the front feeders although one was seen in the caged feeder during the week. There are more and more crocuses coming through and John has seed trays with sproutings. He spent time during the week at the allotment but it is slow going.

This week end is Mothering Sunday I blogged about it last year.

Its going to be a busy weekend. I finished Saturday tutoring last week so my day is my own.

Thursday was party day for Moriarty Chien. Biddle had me making paper hats.

Mori was born in 1982 so he is one of the mature chaps living here.

Well that is it for today .
Thanks for popping by


soggibottom said...

You have an empty bunny hutch ?

I haven't got a bunny....... although I keep looking just incase there is one that has my name on it !

Think you are a soft touch ...says one soft touch to another. Some cats walk alone and always will .

I love the jumper... :-) where did you find the pattern ?.... it's ok..... don't tell me.. cos you are a better knitter than I am :-)
x x x

Shari said...

too funny about the cat........some pets have personalities all their own, don't they!?!!?!?!?! He sounds like he does!!!!
Love the new sweater. I love how you name all your bears. They are simply adorable!!!!! Great job & have great weekend!!!

Pumpkin said...

Magic looks very majestic :o) Love the reference to the book. LOL!

Nice sweater Wendy! You do make lovely ones :o)

Sally said...

Cranberry looks very smart modelling that lovely jumper.

Happy Belated Birthday Moriarty Chien!

Magic does look rather regal!