Saturday, 20 March 2010

A busy weekend and Haydn remembered

Last weekend was really busy. My first one since the Saturday tutoring finished. I went shopping in the morning and bought a few bits including a new pair of trousers and a stripey top from M&S. The trousers are similar to the pair I live when I go out. So they are a replacement really because the originals are looking a bit faded. I also bought some Easter craft things and three balls of knitting yarn for bear jumpers.

In the afternoon we went to Bradford City football ground but sat in the away end to support Aldershot. No photos as it wasn't allowed I realised that I have been up here as long as I lived in Aldershot now! Where does the time go? It was a good match but Bradford won. After a very scrummy chicken meal we went off to St George's Hall to a classical concert.

The next day Mothering Sunday but I still had ironing to do. Libby came for lunch and tea bringing very exciting gifts

Tia wanted to eat the flowers for some reason. The bunny is really an Easter Bunny but as I had him now I did not have t wait for the chocolates inside!

Wednesday was a sad day as we remembered Haydn, it is six years since he died.

I had good feed back from the Saturday tutoring which pleased me. Although it was a hassle giving up a Saturday morning it was worth it.

We had some warm weather in the week and spring was on the way

Today is pouring with rain!!
The latest jumper has been held up because Tia wont let me get on in the evening. She wants to sit on my lap and nudge everything.

Thanks for popping by


Lyn said...

You have been busy!
Haydn looks like he was a gentle boy, you never forget them.

Pumpkin said...

I forget that you have Mother's Day before we have ours here. It looks like you had a wonderful day :o) LOVE the bunny!!!!

I'm sorry about Haydn :o( It's so tough when they're gone.

I'm SO jealous that you have flowers but we won't be far behind ;o)

Shari said...

the Mother's Day gifts look is so nice when our kids remember us.
Sorry about the kitty loss. Hugs!
Oh my!!! your crocus' are gorgeous!!!!!! And you have given me an idea!!!!!

soggibottom said...

Haydon looks as if he was a real charmer. X

Can't believe you didn't sit at Aldershot's end ! :-)
x x x
Pleased you had a good Mother's day. Only a whole year till the next eh !

soggibottom said...

slip of the paw there, but I know Haydn would have understood X

Sally said...

Awww Wendy, Haydn looks so sweet. You must miss him loads.

Your flowers are looking lovely. I've got some daffs coming out at last.