Saturday, 27 March 2010

it seemed during the week as though spring might really be here, the daffodils had suddenly appeared and in flower too

And the birds' favourite bush has its little white flowers. However it has turned windy, an icy blast, that cut through me as put out the washing. Snow seems to be forecast for Monday night! It seems that March might be going out like a lion. We alter the clocks tonight. It is not my favourite time of the year. The headaches have began even though the trees are not in leaf yet. Its all down hill until Autumn. I heard in the week that there might be discussions about keeping BST and then going forward another hour in the summer. I do not like that idea at all. Seems it is favoured in London to keep us in time with Europe for business reasons. The further north you go the longer it would be darker in winter.

I am paying an unexpected visit to the dentist this week. While eating a cereal bar, a piece fell off a back tooth last Sunday. So that means another crown and an expense I could do without.
My mac has had a hissy fit this week. Funny bleeps and a message to close it down. Then the next day all the applications kept quitting. John did various things late last night and it has been ok today so far.
The third jumper is being modelled by Gulliver and he is so proud of it

It was my last week at one of my schools this week. I have been there since October and thoroughly enjoyed the individual tuition I did there. I have a few sessions at another school after Easter then it looks as if it will be back to the dreaded daily supply. I am trying not to think about it yet. I am going t enjoy my Easter break and try and get my act together with some sewing. John suggested i make a summer version of the Mother Nature Tree doll. (Scroll down)
and my sister has requested a spring hanging like this
(Scroll down)It was a one of a kind but I expect I can do something similar

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soggibottom said...

Might have to gather a supply of salt in to be prepared for Easter. It might be the first time I have seen kids hunting Easter Eggs in the snow x x x

Sally said...

No snow as yet Wendy!! I don't think it's forecast here on the coast but it is supposed to be rather chilly!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have enjoyed reading yours :-)


Pumpkin said...

They already changed the hour ahead/back here already and I like it much more because we get more light and therefore longer days for much longer :o)

I certainly sympathize with you! I just broke a tooth yesterday and it will be pulled out on Tuesday :o( I'll be going for a crown as well.

Adorable sweater :o)