Friday, 12 February 2010

Not much happening this week

The weather continues to be cold and damp or cold and frosty depending on the day.
I found a lonely snowdrop in a pot. I planted at least 50 so where are the rest?

Bad cat has a rival for badness. My friend's cat has been using our tiny little bit of garden as his personal toilet, then climbed into the bird's bush. he saw me taking his photo so came to the window for a close up picture.

He is a very friendly little chap and is called Felix. During his young life he has got into all sorts of scrapes and has had more than his fair share of visits to the vet.

There has been no allotment work due to the more weather but John has spent some time putting up the new mini greenhouse.

I have finally had the wherewith-all to sort out some yarn. I have been sent a bear jumper pattern with raglan sleeves ( thank you) and I am going to make one in each size to see which bears they might fit.

I am hoping that next week I will be able to get back into sewing something. Its half term and I have three free days. Half term has been cut short for me as one school is going back on Thursday. The work I am doing is really enjoyable and I will sad when it finishes at Easter.

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Sally said...

I must have a look and see if my snowdrops are through. I love seeing them as I always think of them as new life.

Enjoy your three days next week:)

Angela said...

Naughty pussy he's lovely though.

you haven't got any of those little micey creatures that might did your bulbs up? xxxx

Angela said...

or even dig !

Pumpkin said...

I wish it looked like that here! Even a small plant like that would give me hope that spring is around the corner ;o)

Bad kitty!

soggibottom said...

Cute cat though x x x
Cheeky cat.....loves you..... x x x
Have a great day tomorrow.

Lyn said...

Felix looks very cute!

Daphne said...

Just a few snowdrops are in flower here in misty, frosty Leeds. I think the rest have decided to wait for July.
I think you were allotted all my share of handicraft skills as well as your own and this could explain why I am so ham-fisted.