Thursday, 4 February 2010

It went .... and came back ...

The snow that is. Just as we got used to green grass and mucky pavements back came the snow. A little dusting on Monday night

but enough for John to make pretty patterns taking the two bins around to the front of the house.

It was still around in the morning but gradually disappeared during the day where it caught the sun. Then just as I got off the bus last night a few flakes began to fall and with in a little while everywhere was covered. And we ended up with this

Its still around this morning and we have fog to contend with as well. But that has not deterred the birds a a new male blackbird appeared this morning. He must be one of the babies from last year as his beak is not bright orange yet. I need a better camera really for good bird pictures but you get they idea.

The jazzy jumper was a great success and I can now post pictures

I used Biddle's jumper pattern and made it shorter. Then made a twisted thread belt and put yarn though the arms. I did not make sleeves but just picked up stitches around the arm holes.

I am pleased with the result and if Iggy's smile is to be believed so is she.

We did the RSPB bird survey at the week end. Had at least 18 sparrows with in the time so that was good. And the two collared doves some starlings a blue tit and a black bird. For our little yard that was good.

I have got a cold courtesy of my Saturday tutee. It started a couple of days ago with a sore throat and now I am sniffling but don't feel too bad.

Biddle has just eaten my chocolate biscuit!

Thanks if you popped by, please leave a comment to say you came.


Angela said...

Iggy does look good doesn't she.

Loooks like you had about the same amount of snow that we did. Obviously the temperature rose more quickly here. I'm still cold indoors though xxx

Shari said...

your snow pictures are so pretty! We have very little here, which is really strange. The southern part of our state is getting more than we are!
Love the Kewpie's outfit! Too cute!!!!

Lyn said...

I did the bird watch too. We didnt have one sparrow! my mum gets loads of them in her garden though!

soggibottom said...

I knew it was me !

I love the colour of the jumper, very me stuff.

We have a blackbird in the back garden that insists of head banging the garden mirrors. So much that he must knock himself out trying to get the other blackbird out of his garden. I realise why they say "bird brain" x x x A few weeks time and I have to cover up the mirrors again.

Sally said...

We had another covering this morning and it's bitterly cold but at least the sun is shining. Makes all the difference!

Pumpkin said...

Maybe spring isn't around the corner for you ;o)

Lovely jumper! I think he looks smashing in it!

Hope you're feeling better soon.