Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A new year and snow,snow,snow

We spent a quiet new year's eve watching a film and ignoring all the hype. I am not a fan of celebrating. Think its because I know nothing will change just because the date does.

Over the week end the snow had all but gone, just a little tiny bit in the furthest corner by the line post where the sun does not reach at this time of year. But this all changed on Monday. It was the first day of a new term and I travelled to school with a little snow to contend with but the buses were running there and back OK.

However Tuesday was a different matter and just before six there was no new snow but by an hour later it had began and did not let up for over eight hours so we had a good 10cm (4inches).

I managed to clear the bird food so we could have our usual visitors.

My school afternoon was cancelled, when I phoned the head was not sure whether they would be staying open so suggested I did not travel. As the snow continued to fall I was quite pleased to be in the warm. I spent the day dismantling the Christmas tree so that it was down by 12th night.
Surprisingly we have had more snow over night, usually when its coming from the east it does not quite reach us.

I have just found out that my school has closed today so I will be snug in the warm. We have actually got some sunshine at the moment but the weather forecast is suggesting a snow shower later. The one thing about the work I am doing at the moment is that although I will not get paid for it this week the days will be added on at the end of the sessions. So long term it evens out.

I forgot to mention that I had the 2010 All new quilting block and pattern a day calendar. This is the 4th year JOhn has bought me one and he had great difficulty tracking one down this year. There is not much chance I will ever make a whole quilt but it is lovely having a new picture everyday.

I have made the jumper for Angela's troll but will not post a picture yet as I have not sent it to her.
I have started a very small cross stitch of a snowman to go in the little pillow Cathey sent me a while ago

And gardener Bunny has a new scarf although she will not be visiting the allotment for a while

Biddle's new jumper is coming along nicely and will progress much more quickly if Tia would let me knit in the evenings. She is like the children were hen they were small ignored me if I was not doing anything much but as soon as I picked up something to read or sew wanted my attention.

We have a wormery which over a period of time produces very nice compost for the plants. In our kitchen we have a small big for peelings, tea bags eggs shell and other bits and then that gets transferred for the worms to munch on

They are snuggly tucked up in paper shreddings. We recycle most of our paper now and our tins so anything that has an address on is shredded for the worms. We have very little in our household bin each week and if the council recycled plastic it would be even less.

Here is the fabric I received as presents

you can check out the website if you click on the photograph to enlarge it.

I am thinking about some projects for the year but have not been inspired yet. Any ideas.

Happy new year and thanks for coming


Shari said...

wow, you have more snow than we do! It seems the entire world is getting snow. Places that normally don't are even getting it. We have about 4 inches total...not much at all!!!

Lyn said...

It is good when you don't have to travel in the snow isn't it? Not sure what to suggest for the fabric as I'm a yarn girl myself!

soggibottom said...

Inspiration....don't look here today.
Great material though.
But snap about the snow. Kids down here are still enjoying the novelty.
The big kids are the worse !
Take care in the cold and snow and KEEP THAT CAT WARM X X X tippy toes in the garden.

Tracy said...

We're in the middle of a heat wave here! 43C forecast for today and you have beautiful snow! I have snow envy ;) Thanks for the comment welcoming Heather!

sea gull lights said...

I am so jealous, i love the show!

Khris said...

I love that fabric with the elephants...Khris

Pumpkin said...

Gee, you did get some snow!

Lovely Christmas gifts :o)