Wednesday, 13 January 2010

sherbet, jumpers, snow ice

When I was small every Christmas we hung up our stockings for Santa to fill when he came. Well we actually hung up a sock belonging to my dad. What we didn't know was my mum filled the other one to the pair and swapped it. Our stockings would be filled with little things, with an orange in the toe, chocolate coins, crayons, a colouring book or one os those where you painted with water and the colour appeared. We had our stockings first thing in the morning and they kept us going until we got our other presents after dinner. Dad was a postie and worked Christmas morning when I was small.

I kept up the tradition with my children. All stocking presents were small with things costing pence or maybe a pound. Anything more expensive was a proper present and under the tree.

John and I have carried this on and although the prices have increased the are still little bits and pieces. I am easier to find things for because reels of cotton and skeins of floss are always welcome. John loves chocolate coins. This year I received a Basset's sherbet fountain which was lovely. But what a shock. When I was small they came in a cardboard tube covered in paper with the liquorice sticking out the top. Now they come in a plastic tube with flip top lid and the liquorice is buried inside.

Coincidentally, a few days later in our local paper was a report that the company, now owned by an Australian firm, is shipping sherbet fountains to ex pats in Australia by the million. it lead me to wonder if this is why the packaging has been sanitised?

I mailed the jumper to Angela's troll, sadly in does not fit because she is unusual shape.

So I am going to make her a big baggy one using Biddle's pattern.
Talking of Biddle, he is so pleased with his latest jumper

Iggy's will be as bright and jazzy as I can make it.

We are still covered in snow and ice. I managed to get to work on Monday after waiting nearly an hour for a bus. Yesterday was fine, but today we woke up to black ice suspended buses and the possibility that there will be snow later. Reluctantly I had to phone school to say the buses were not running. It is too far to walk, google maps predicted an hour and a half in normal conditions! They were very understanding. At this point the buses are still not running to my destination.
Although the temperature this week has hovered around zero this week it does feel colder than the minus ones last week as there is much more wind.

So I am off to find something constructive to do. My little snowman is coming along nicely , pictures next time.

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Lyn said...

I love sherbet fountains! I know it's so sad that the packaging on our favourite sweets are all changing. Hubby and I fill a stocking for each other with little things. This year I got a lovly little china cat, not too expensive but cute all the same.

Shari said...

I love your stocking story! Yours from your childhood sounds much like mine! We always had an orange in the toe, some chocolates, some nuts & then a couple small gifts. We did the chocolates, nuts & small gifts for our kids, but left out the oranges! We still do stockings for those at home on Christmas Day!

soggibottom said...

I never had nuts

Daphne said...

Our stockings were much like yours - your description brought the memories flooding back. I didn't know about the new-style sherbet fountains. I think I may need some help and some time to get used to this change in my world picture.

Pumpkin said...

I like your stocking ideas. We used to do that but then we started filling the stocking with more expensive things but not putting gifts under the tree. I've NEVER heard of a sherbet fountain! Is it like Basset's liquorish?

Cute jumpers :o)

John said...

Soggy free Sherbet Fountains. Whatever next.