Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Well this is it. The allotment! Not that it looks like one at the moment. More like a piece of wasteland covered in weeds. Since we first visited other allotment owners have thrown hedge trimmings and all sorts on it. The one next door has been re fenced and we can now see the rubbish that has accumulated ( fizzy drink cans mainly) down the side. We heard from another owner that a few years ago the council bulldozed all the buildings on the section where we are and consequently somewhere under all the foliage there is a concrete greenhouse base and wall surround and more worryingly broken glass.

Are we disheartened? Probably. Are we giving up? Not at the moment. Gardener SockBunny came with us and she suggested that we think small and clear a little patch at a time. Very wise!

I thought. Biddle stayed at home and waited for the sport to begin. I'll update on our progress.

Work does not seem to be picking up, only one day last week and none this so far and so I am trying to occupy my time. . There is also an issue over the way one agency is going to pay wages which I have t get to grips with. I won't go into this anymore at the moment.

Most of my crafty activities will now involve secret Santa type things for people for Christmas so there won't be many photos of what I am up to. One is almost finished and I am very pleased and want to keep it here with me.
It's October tomorrow, where is the year going? Its still reasonably warm and we still have not had any rain we obviously had it all in July and August. It's supposed to get colder at the weekend.

Annoyingly my RSS reader is not working and so I am behind on blog reading. This means I am doing other things like (sewing, reading) face booking.

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A little clearing at a time seems a good idea, you have all winer to get it sorted out. Throw some ond carpets down to smotherthe weeds untill you are ready to tackle each area.
Hope the work picks up for you soon.

x Vicky x

Shari said...

brings back memories of when we were clearing our land for our new home, several years ago!!! Lots of hard work paid off & it will for you as well!!!

Irene said...

I'm sure the final result will be worth all the hard work. Will Gardener SockBunny be in charge:)? He sure is cute !

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh goodness it looks like you have a lot to tackle there. But I am sure slowly and surely will do the trick. Yep we need rain much as we like the warm autumn my garden is suffering.

mumzy said...

Good luck with the clearing of your area. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
just stopping by to say hi!
Good luck with the allotment; hard work but rewarding!

soggibottom said...

Olive oil and sugar is a great way to clean your hands....Or wear some gloves. x x x x

Pumpkin said...

So, what will you use this area for? Did I miss something? That would be neat to find the greenhouse base but not the glass :o(

Sock Bunny is adorable! LOL!

I'm sorry that there hasn't been a lot of work :o( Hopefully it will pick up. At least you have personal time :o) That's one good thing!