Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The allotment has a different look about it already. John went at the weekend and cleared a patch of high weeds and some of the rubbish.
I will use the apple tree as a focal point over the weeks so we can compare

In this first photograph the tree is just visible

He donned the leather gloves as there is an awful lot of glass among the foliage, the remnants of a greenhouse. He is going to concentrate on one patch and try and clear some of the roots. Not surprisingly he ached on Monday morning. My contribution. I photographed the progress and Biddle and Gardener Bunny came to help

Sewing wise I have finished a Christmas gift, the elephant jumper is almost done. I worked on Monday so it still needs a collar. I have also made some fabric containers I bought one at a sale many years ago and thought I knew what to d but did find a blog with a tutorial to confirm it. More of these at a later date.

I have kitted up my Christmas ornament swap. And think I have chosen an owl for another swap.

Its raining today but I was surprised how warm it was too. The plants needed it and so did the water butt.

Thanks for coming by and for the comments



Good start on the allotment!

x Vicky x

mumzy said...

A great start on your project. It is always so nice to see the progress.

Pumpkin said...

He sure did a lot of work! Look at that little building in the back :o) Is that yours too?

I can't wait to see some of these projects that you have been working on.