Monday, 21 September 2009

No rain

After a summer with more rain than was wanted, September has been dry,dry,dry. We have had 5mm in 12 days. And so yesterday this happened, I think its about the second appearance of the hose this summer.

Our little bush has looked very sorry for itself with more leaves on the ground than its branches

but the nasturtiums are doing well

yesterday I saw my first ladybird in our garden. I suppose the poor weather has kept them away.

And I imagine that the lack of sun is the reason the tomatoes look like this.

I have not done much in the creating line recently, one birthday card and I have a figure that is progressing slowly.

Last week I had two days work which was nice.

Its turned dismal and cold today after nearly a week of quite nice weather but no sign of any rain

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Lyn said...

I know, sun when we are back at school!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Yes we do need rain. I love the sunny weather and all but we need rain too. My Azeleas are drying no matter how much I keep them watered the water seems to disappear so quickly.

Shari said...

it has been dreary here. Wish I could send some of it to you! Our garden is about done. Kind of sad, because I know what that means. COLD coming

soggibottom said...

We haven't had rain either. We spend the whole Summer moaning about the rain, and then when the garden should look great at this time of year, it's dry and so bad that I have spent the whole week getting ready for Winter. They have Christmas decorations in the shops. Who is the sadder here, me or them?.....don't answer...I know the answer. By the way, I'm not doing December, just going straight to January. x x x

mumzy said...

We have had the same type of weather here in New Brunswick. The last three or four days, we did receive some rain though.