Tuesday, 1 September 2009

trains and buses, feet and a boat

We are back from our adventures. The weather could've been a bit kinder but on the whole wasn't so bad.
We did our usual practice, buying a train ticket which meant we could hop on and off trains. Our first adventure took us back to Gatehouse of Fleet and we stayed for two nights at the Bobbins guest house where we stayed last year.

It was raining when arrived but we managed a short walk in the evening

Afterwards we retired to a local pub for a delicious meal and a couple of pints of the most fantastic beer.
The following day we decided we would don our wet weather gear and go on our planned walk to the sea shore. In fact the weather was lovely and the only part of us to get wet was our feet negotiating some very soggy ground

Halfway through we stopped off at the Cream o' Galloway for a well deserved cup of coffee and left with a very big ice cream each!

On our last morning we visited a small castle ruin just outside the town.

John and Biddle braved the higher levels but I declined that treat!

When we arrived back home that night it was to find that my mac was poorly and the following day was taken to the mac shop for investigations. It is only turned off rarely ( holiday time storms) and would not switch back on. It was obviously very cross at being abandoned. This sulk cost me an amount of money I could not really afford ( warranty ran out in April). My other mac was pleased to be of use though even though its slow and and an has old operating system.

We were up for an early start on the Saturday for our trip to The Lake District. We walked from Patterdale to Howtown having ridden the Kirkston Pass
once more by bus, we did in fact travel both ways up and down.

The scenery on the walk was beautiful with lovely views of Ullswater

We caught the steamer from Howtown to Glen Ridding. The weather was warm and sunny. I really do prefer the quieter areas of the Lake District to Windermere.

A day at home and the return of Tia on Sunday, then off on Monday to Arneside and a climb to the top of Arnside Knott.

The view across to Grange over Sands was great

and Biddle enjoyed a rest on a rock

The second part of our holiday included a trip to the Harris Museum in Preston ( we only usually see the station) and then on to Lytham and St Anne's. The tide was in when we arrived but by the time we had walked from Lytham to St Anne's the sea was disappearing into the distance

off came the boots and socks and we paddled

We also spent a day in Doncaster and visited a nature reserve

and Saturday saw us travelling south into the Peak District of Derbyshire for a walk around a hill

Our holiday ended with a visit to the Leeds West Indian carnival on Bank holiday Monday

We had a fun filled fortnight, walked miles, but I fear weigh more than at the beginning when we set off.

John is back at work, Biddle is looking forward to listening to sport on the radio and I am awaiting the shrill of the phone in the morning!

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Lyn said...

looks like you had fun!

Shashi Nayagam said...

It is one of the loveliest part of Britain I think. I too love the uncomercialised part of Lake district. Glad to know that you had a lovely time and Mr. Biddle too.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful time. I'm glad you got your Mac fixed. It's not fair when they break down outside of warranty.

Half an Acre said...

Awww Biddle! I'm pleased to meet the person behind him as I think he looks adorable and I love that stripey jumper of his!

soggibottom said...

I love looking at other people's holiday snaps. Ah. ha. the little guy reminds me of my grandaughter's toy owl. She was given by her teacher to look after one summer holiday. Finley the owl gave me trouble from the start as he was always getting lost. WE had great fun showing Finley around. He road on a train and had boat ride. Then she promptly lost him before she left for home and he had to stay another two weeks stuffed in the cupboard. Serves him right!!!!! Unlike your very well behaved fellow x x x

Michele said...

I think I meant to say rode, sorry. x x x