Tuesday, 11 August 2009

all sorts (none of them bertie bassets)

I have been wasting my days. Well at least in the sense that nothing much is getting made lately. The sewing machine is languishing anticipating a fortnight of inactivity while the annual gadabout takes place. More about that after the gadding has taken place. Although Biddle and John have been pouring over timetables and web-sites nothing is ever finalised until we have actually accomplished it.

Things change due to weather, trains not running and a decision that something else has proved more attractive.

I made a decision not to put my doll in the challenge. I know this is a bit of a defeatist action but I know full well that she will not get any votes because my creativity is not anywhere near the standard of the others that enter. It's just a fact of life and I make things for enjoyment not too feel a failure. I know you have to be "in it to win it" but what the heck she is my doll and I like her.
Here is a little glimpse of her

I have used the Magic Threads Stitch Witch pattern that I have made so many times. But I have dyed the face and hands fabric and wired her hair, she also has a bun. This will be covered with her hat. But I wanted extra detail. The fabrics were a collection of fat quarters given to me by my sister as a present last year.

Everyone of these witches I have made has looked completely different.

I have been knitting. Can you guess what it is?


might give you a clue. I haven't knitted in multi colours since the children were small. But this looked like a bit of fun and a chance to use some spare yarn up... except it stipulated 100% wool yarn and in my overflowing stash I was hard pushed to find much of a choice. Most of my yarn is acrylic. Well I am halfway through and it is looking how it should look. I cannot knit for long at one sitting, partly because it seems both my thumbs hurt and my neck is suffering too.

I have a cross stitch square almost finished but discovered at the weekend am short of one colour, I was convinced I had a skein but having hunted through all projects (WIPs and UFOs ) none is to be found, not even the miniscule amount I need. But that is always the way. Doubles of things I don't need and not the ones I do.

The weather has been quite nice relatively speaking. No rain for three days and it has been quite warm too. I took this the other morning

It gives a favour of the garden, I have picked several bunches of sweet peas and we have teeny tomatoes growing.

We have recently bought a freeview + box which means we can record programmes and watch at a time more suitable. It is clever you can start watching before the programme finishes recording unlike a dvd. So we have spent most evenings lately listening to the prom concerts on Radio 3 .I have to say that I am not really into some of the more modern classical stuff. I like something with a bit of a tune to it! Its really good to sit and read and listen rather than watch all the time. I think we will do more of it.

I will not mention the cricket and I cannot believe it is the football season again.

Thanks for dropping by and for the comments, if you have a contact email I will reply


Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh no Wendy why do you think that way. I love to see your dolls Infact you are taking away the pleasure of seeing your dolls by others by not showing them or entering them in a challenge. By the way which challenge is this you are talking about? Can you take a full picture of your doll. Would love to see her costume too.

Daphne said...

I think you're a genius to make a doll in that way at all. I am totally untalented craft-wise and to me a sewing machine is a creature of Hell. But I so admire those who can do this kind of thing!

Anonymous said...

I love the doll. Pretty pink face, and her squiggly puffy sleeves are brilliant. Can't wait to see what the knitting says.

soggibottom said...

Last night of the proms is soon....the end of summer..Great to make the Cottage shake, Summer goes out with a bang.
x x x

mumzy said...

What a talented person you are. That doll is just sweet. You should have entered the challenge - you never know who will win.

Nice flowers too!